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Consider installing print monitoring and management software on your photocopier, such as KNM (for Kyocera devices) or MyQ (for multi-brand devices). This locks the photocopier and only allows access to authorised personnel. Each staff member is given a unique PIN or RFID card. The photocopier records the identity of each person, who unlocks the machine, and records what they printed, scanned, the number of pages, whether it was in B/W or colour, the document name, when they used the photocopier, etc. Most businesses have seen print volumes drop by 30%, or more, after installing this software.

Consider installing print monitoring and management software on your photocopier, such as KNM (for Kyocera devices) or MyQ (multi-brand devices). This locks the photocopier and allows access only to authorised personnel. Print jobs will only be released after the authorised user unlocks the machine with a PIN or RFID card.

We have customisable software, like Netviewer and Kyocera Fleet Services, which empower IT managers and administrators with powerful tools to monitor their entire print fleet, through a remote, web-based user interface, with live alerts. Firmware and panel updates can be performed, with a single command for the entire fleet. The status of each machine can be monitored live, including toner status, paper capacity, and service-related issues. This dramatically reduces downtime and maintains optimal productivity for your business.

If you merely need to scan and digitise your hard copies, the Scan Extension Kit installs directly onto your photocopier, through an embedded panel app, and converts your documents into searchable PDF files. We also have more advanced, scalable solutions to capture, digitise, and create automated workflows of your routine paperwork, such as invoices, waybills, delivery orders, credit notes, etc. Software, such as ScannerVision and KCM can capture and route files and documents to predetermined network folders and make them accessible to your entire business. These can be inputted through multiple sources, such as emails, scanned originals from your photocopier, and mobile devices too. Such software is often used as a bridging tool for document management systems (DMS).

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