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KYOCERA Capture Manager (KCM)

KYOCERA Capture Manager (KCM) is the definitive solution which prepares your business for the beginning of its Digitisation Journey. KCM eliminates the time and difficulty of manually capturing and distributing information to your business systems. With KCM, complex and tedious scanning becomes easy and straightforward. This is achieved using an easily customised workflow method, and with the correct business rules in place, the captured information can be made available and accessible to your entire organisation. KCM enables Decentralised Scanning so that you can use your existing Multi-Function Products and equipment for in-house scanning, which makes the outsourcing of the task completely unnecessary.
In the typical office environment, you find important documents in various formats: emails containing PDF files, printed invoices and scanned delivery notes in a folder on your PC. KCM has the ability to process all of these documents to make the information they contain computer readable, accessible for the entire business, and ready to be routed to the right people. Finally, your information can also be prepared in a format that is easily readable and accessible for your different business, financial and Enterprise Resource Planning systems.


The right information, in the right place, at the right time.

ScannerVision is a capture solution that automate document workflows that works with scanned documents and various documents generated by other applications.
Our solution’s workflow forms a bridge between MFP or business application (that produces documents) and a destination such as network folder or a back-end application used by your organisation. Automatically converts documents, enriches the documents with critical data provided by the MFP or the business application and stores them in the right destination, saving money, time and resources in the process.

ScannerVision has many readily available connectors that connects to every popular ERP and DMS like Ceyoniq, SharePoint, M-Files and Net Documents. These connectors empower employees to send their documents using their own account, while complying to the application’s security policy. Combined with our powerful script, expression and query editors, you can create enhancements that fulfill your specific requirements. The application and possibilities you can create with our solution are endless.
Our enhanced Parallel Processing Engine enable the application to process multiple documents simultaneously and almost cut the processing time by half, further saving more valuable time and money in the end.
You are IN COMPLETE CONTROL over how much processing resources of ScannerVisionTM should be utilized from the system and decide how fast it should perform.
Our solution streamlines complex document workflows into an easy to manage process. Delivering the best performance to value ratio compared to other products in the market.

Scan Extension Kit- Convert Scanned Documents to Searchable/ Editable Files

The right information, in the right place, at the right time.

Scan Extension Kit is an optional function that uses OCR* processing and the scan function to convert scanned images of printed text into computer readable text with just a simple tap.
For instance, it allows you to convert printed documents into searchable text, and you can search keywords in the scanned documents..

Scan Extension Kit recognizes 24 languages, and thanks to the advanced OCR technology, it retains original layout from the scanned documents and converts them into searchable texts.

* Optical Character Recognition (OCR), is the software conversion of scanned printed text into the text searchable and editable.
OCR results may not be 100% accurate.

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